Independence Day Celebrated by Dehradun ex service man

Independence Day celebrated by Dehradun ex service man Li d e s l on 15 August Independence day was celebrated at 11:30 a.m. at 60 ft Road in office Complex by Dehradun Express man League the FL under the ages of Lieutenant General G S Negi retired pvsm avsm VSM chief pattern d e s l hooch which was attended by more than one dozen officers Jaise use and man observing security E and safety measures including social distance flag was hoisted by General Negi and Canal us Thakur president d e s l general knowledge was the chief guest of the occasion function was followed by national anthem slogans were raised by Havaldar Buddhi Prakash Sharma Bharat mata ki Jay Bharat ke Shahid Amar Rahen Shahid Amar Rahe Amar Rahe during the meeting all page tribute who sacrificed their life for getting us freedom for the country ofqual galwan Valley for also remember for which they are Minhas breed in detail how the actual War fought on 15th March 2020 e by a soldier and the great bravery shown by Canal Vikas Babu of 16 Bihar his team and his team where he and his 16 soldiers were killed many Chinese and r16 Bridge soldiers were also martyred including kernel Vikas Babu off 16 Bihar repressed the work done by artillery and engineer during the battle ll in kalwan valley

General Negi explained about the cactus and strategy of Chinese Troops and deployment in goulburn valley and the scenario and the present scenario over there and caution that we have to be father careful as one can not trust the Chinese army he emphasized that auto apps have to be more alert all the time 81 as one cannot trust Chinese army e as per the past history kg well president Nagrik Sangathan also pattern Dehradun at DSL who was personally e-inn in in Ladakh Valley galwan exist today De

Brigitta Bahal wait personally been in goulburn valley Bank please server general long back had appreciated the tactics and bravery e of adopted by Indian troops during the night of 15th March that area is very rough and tough exit area is not on the high altitude area but also the rain is very rough and tough

Karnal DM Thapa senior Vice President DSL expressed about the brutal actors of Chinese he expressed brutal practice of Chinese hi condomed brutal tactics of Chinese was she will be confirmed by Colonel BM Thapa who is a senior Vice President of DSL he spoke that tinies have already occupied loss area of Indian land in East and West which is not less than 38000 square metre in Ladakh and layer where as 90000 kilometre in orange chal Pradesh but emphasized that entire region would remain and in April part of India he said our country has to remain vigilant all the time by not trusting Chinese tactics though they have more strength more fire power but the troops are not trained as Indian proof today and also so they are not good in on Battlefield Wikipedia Rs Rawat retire VSM brigadier PPS Karnal SS Thapa Karnal Karnal BSc captain Neel Kumar Thapa Hawaldar lb Thapa P P Sharma Prakash Chandola Rajendra Prasad Singh and many others
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